| July 5, 2010

Conferences hosted or co-hosted by TESOL Asia


In association with the Asian EFL Journal group


August 12-13th 2011

Key speakers

Professor Winnie Cheng Hong Kong

Professor Eva Bernat University NSW Australia

Professor Roger Nunn UK

Abstracts are invited from the Profession to be presented
(30 minute sessions)
Abstracts to be submitted by May 1st – Final Notification May 15th
For those needing Visas to enter the Philippines and an
earlier notification please advise us.

Abstract Submission received before February 28th
will be notified in Mid March

Abstract Format to be followed
Photo (optional)
Name and affiliation
Topic Title – up to 10 words only
250 word outline
Keywords 3-7
Bio of 25-30 words
Contact information

Topics for Presentation
*Research papers, which report interesting and relevant research.
Ensure you contribute something new to our knowledge of EFL.
* Second language acquisition research
*Teaching EFL ESL experiences
*Discourse analysis
*ESP research
*Curriculum design & planning
*First language impact on second language learning
*TESOL Teacher training review
*English as an International language
*Qualitative Research Methods
*Content Based Instruction
*Culture & Curriculum
*Current issues in teacher training
*Motivation in SLA education
*Other research topics welcome
*Other topics on TESOL training

In 2010 596 Abstracts were received and 143 were accepted,
This year we project 600+ will be submitted – Please follow
the Abstract format to help the review panel

*All Speakers receive Certificates of Presentation
Post conference publishing of Hard Cover

The 2009 Conference attracted 1,800 delegates –
this year we are anticipating 2,500 attendees





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