Costs and Refund Policy

| February 21, 2011

Our experience has shown that on-line courses involve about  a 15-20% ‘drop out’ rate as people discover this is not the profession they are seeking. The course cost is $255.00 As such we have implemented a refund policy – if you discontinue within 4 weeks of starting we will refund your fee (less the commission taken by the on-line Paypal service) and a $30 administration fee. After 4 weeks you are committed and the refund policy does not apply.

The steps in this course:-

a)      Enroll here with your information, then send us an email confirming your enrollment here

b)      As soon as you have enrolled we will send you the readings and course guide via email

c)       Submit the required works

d)      Complete the course within 8-12 weeks



1. Names exactly as you want to appear on the TESOL Certificate

2. Email address

3. Postal address where your certificate will be sent

Cost for 120 hour on-line certificate $255.00

Paypal on line Credit Card – Bank transfer option available

Questions:- Contact us

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