| February 21, 2011

As this course suggests, it is 100% on line. It involves you in reading and self study. For those with some background in ESL or EFL teaching the content will be familiar. We have analyzed the hours involved in reading and understanding the material and submitting the written work. You will receive the contact email and name of a course supervisor (from the Board of the Asian EFL Journal) who will supervise your work and be available via email to help you

We recommend you complete the course in two to three months.

The course is only available at this time for residents in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Pakistan, and India.

Other countries will come on line in September 2011

The  fee for residents of these countries is U.S. $255.00

On-line payment via Paypal or Bank Transfer options available. Receipt with TIN # supplied. Click “Choose TESOL course to enroll”

The course involves a fair amount of reading  (6 modules) and written responses to 3 modules. The readings and written responses are sent to applicants after enrolling. Applicants in the Philippines also have an option of a supplementary weekend course in Manila, Cebu as well as the on-line component.

The 6 Modules include:- 

> Language Culture & Learning in TESOL 6 hours
> Methodologies in TESOL 30 hours
> Teach listening 4 hours
> Teach Reading 4 hours
> Teach writing 4 hours
> Teach grammar 9 hours
> English language teaching skills and strategies 7
> Design TESOL lessons & resources 2
> Evaluate TESOL lessons 9
> Deliver TESOL lessons 15
> Written - research 30 hours


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