University Support

| February 21, 2011

The following universities have reviewed our curriculum and have agreed to offer credit to the holders of our certificates. The exact wording provided the universities is included so that you understand what is being offered  by which institution..

University New South Wales
The Asian EFL Journal TESOL Certificate has been approved by the University N.S.W. TESOL Division.
For those who successfully complete the Asian EFL Journal TESOL Course (with Credit average) the applicant can get 25% advanced standing, while those with a Masters in a related field may apply for 50% advanced standing if equivalence proven and a credit average gained.” (per Dr. Bernat; UNSW TESOL Department)

University Southern Queensland
The Asian EFL Journal TESOL certificate has been approved by the University of Southern Queensland as follows.
One credit point can be transferred to the 8 credit point awards which include  Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Linguistics (PGAL), the Post Graduate Certificate in Education PGCE (TESOL) also the M Ed (TESOL) and Master of Applied Linguistics (MAPL). There is also a pathway to higher degree doctoral studies in both MAPL and the M Ed (TESOL) for those interested in continuing a research pathway” (per Anne Dashwood; Applied Linguistics Division.)

University South East Missouri
The State University Missouri is currently reviewing the curriculum. Credit transfer us being arranged. The exact wording of the agreement will be listed within 2-5 weeks

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