About TESOL Certificate Studies

| February 22, 2011


TESOL teaching is very unique and rewarding career that can take you to the 4 corners of the world teaching English. A TESOL Certificate is often the first professional development step you will take in a long and memorable career.

To upgrade your English language teaching skills a TESOL Certificate is one of the pathways to achieving that. You may also enroll directly  in a university Masters program such as the Masters run by University of New South Wales, University Southern Queensland of Missouri State University. 

Our TESOL Certificate (The Asian EFL Journal TESOL certificate)  has been approved by these universities should you first wish to undertake studies at the certificate level – many students undertake TESOL certificate studies first before embarking on what they see as a life long rewarding  career – the TESOL Certificate will then lead you to a Masters in TESOL if you wish to consolidate your learning and your career prospects.

Our  course  is  on-line – there are attendance based courses we run in Korea and the Philippines should you prefer a more  practical experience. As always we recommend you compare courses to satisfy yourself you are studying with a reputable company backed by credible resources.

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