2013 Journals

| March 1, 2013

Volume 1, March 2013

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1. Foreword. Dr. Paul Robertson pps. 4-5

2. Maritime Development Forum 2013 pps. 6-11

3. Milena Dževerdanović-Pejović. Discourse Analysis of the Vhf Communication at Sea pps. 12-24

4. Wang. Andy & Mileski.J. “Level the playing field” : Deregulate Ship Registry  against Dumping? pps. 25-37

5. Demydenko Nadiya. Etymological Studies in Maritime English pps. 38-53

6. Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung. A Needs Analysis to Review the ESP course for non-English major students pps. 54-75

7. Turgay Dincay.  Designing  A Learner-Centred ESP Course for  Adults  Based  on  Evidence From  a  Questionnaire and  Incorporating the  Learners’ Aims  Into  A Situational -Based  Syllabus pps. 76-90

8. Ghada Hozayen, Abeer Seddeek and May Ghoneim. Developing Teaching Materials for Second Assistant Engineers pps. 91-121

9. Congjun Mu. Using NVivo in Teaching English Text pps. 122-135

10. Editorial Board   pps.  136-138

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