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Volume 1 March 2013

Congjun Mu. Using NVivo in Teaching English Text

Demydenko Nadiya. Etymological Studies in Maritime English

Ghada Hozayen, Abeer Seddeek and May Ghoneim. Developing Teaching Materials for Second Assistant Engineers

Milena Dževerdanović-Pejović. Discourse Analysis of the Vhf Communication at Sea

Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung. A Needs Analysis to Review the ESP course for non-English major students

Turgay Dincay.  Designing  A Learner-Centred ESP Course for  Adults  Based  on  Evidence From  a  Questionnaire and  Incorporating  the  Learners’ Aims  Into  A Situational -Based  Syllabus

Wang, Andy & Mileski. J. “Level the playing field” : Deregulate Ship Registry  against Dumping?